D7000 or D3200

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D7000 or D3200

Hello. I am a newby to the forum and to a degree new to photography. Having recently used my wife’s Sony a350 and achieved, in my very humble opinion, some pretty good results (and I didn’t use auto by the way), I definitely want to get myself a camera, but what to buy? I definitely want video included as one of the objectives of a new camera will be to do away with my camcorder. However, this is only used for family holidays and days out etc, so I am not planning on coming to a cinema near you anytime soon .
Based on budget I see myself with two choices:
1) D3200
2) D7000

Reading the reviews and given this would be my first proper DSLR, I should probably go for the entry level D3200; however, the D7000 just sounds like a much better camera and although the workman and his tools need to go hand in hand, I feel that if I am prepared to make the effort, the D7000 will be the best bet in the end.

Now, am I talking garbage? Your expert help and advice would be really appreciated. I have four additional questions, and this is only because I am struggling to find it in any literature:

1) Does the D7000 have a built in motor so it can use lenses that have and do not have a motor, whereas the D3200 can only use lenses with a motor?

2) Do the SWM motors make a difference when using them for video in respect to the audio track picking up the motor noise?

3) Does the use of an external microphone (shoe mounted on the camera) completely eliminate the motor noise on the audio sound track?

4) Can these cameras take a ‘still’ picture whilst shooting video and if so what are the limitations of photographing in this mode?

I guess what I am trying to aim for is something that lasts the longest in terms of when I may want to trade up to the next range of body (finances permitting).

I reckon the D7000 with its 18-105 kit lens and one other decent lens is going to set me back circa £1000. Whereas the D3200 is going to be more like £700 to do the same (although the kit lens for this camera seems more of a token gesture).

Nikon D3200 Nikon D7000 Sony Alpha DSLR-A350
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