OVF vs EVF put to rest

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Re: OVF vs EVF put to rest

Piginho wrote:

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Draek wrote:

My eyes have a much deeper DOF than a 85/1.4 wide open, you know.

Cannot disagree with that.

Not sure what point you're trying to make here, but whether you look through an EVF or an OVF, you want to be able to have a means of seeing the affect of your selected aperture on your final image. If you set your 85/1.4 wide open you will see shallow DOF through the viewfinder. If stopped down you want some kind of DOF preview. You can do this with either if they are implemented well.

Not a single OVF found in a DSLR will represent the DOF accurately at such an aperture. Biggest reason being the ground glass. An EVF will represent the DOF as it will be captured.

Not wishing to fuel the debate again, but the reality is that you can resolve more detail with your eye through OVF than on 2.4Mp EVF, so you ought to be able to get a better impression of how your OOF areas will look in the final image.

No OVF with ground glass will be able to show you detail equivalent of each pixel in say the final 24MP image, regardless of how good your eyes are. An EVF can, regardless of its resolution, as long as there's a quick magnification button that allows you to magnify up to pixel level (of the sensor).

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