I cannot believe I am asking this.....

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Re: I cannot believe I am asking this.....

I have two schools of thought about travelling with different set-ups.

First off, what are you mostly going to be shooting? Holiday snaps, or carefully composed photographs? Or both?

Generally speaking, if you think 'both', it means you're going to mostly be taking snaps, with a few carefully composed shots added in.

For that, I'd take a minimum amount of gear. Make no mistake about it, you can still get some fantastic shots with just your X100. Plus, you get the benefit of not having to lug around all the extra kit.

And no, as mentioned, you are not going to be able to zoom with your feet very much. However, it doesn't mean you won't be able to get a shot. Re-framing, and PP crops can really make for an interesting image.

I guess what I'm saying here is that unless you are going to be dedicating most of your time, for photography -and lets face it, most are not- keeping your gear to a minimum can be very rewarding.

Touristy holidays, and travelling somewhere for the sole intention of taking photographs are two very different things.

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