Hyperfocal on the 12mm f2

Started Sep 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Hyperfocal on the 12mm f2

the bluesman wrote:

Anyway I'm looking forward to get out and shoot some landscapes with my 12mm using the Hyper focal feature on it, thanks again

And once you've done so and are disappointed by the overall lack of sharpness, forget the numbers on the lens, forget the CoC from dofmaster.com (0.015mm for the E-M5), use a CoC much more suited to the digital age and especially the E-M5 of course (down to ~ 0.004mm if suitable to the scene/distance to the nearest object) and finally hyperfocal shooting will be a breeze with the 12/2.0 providing tack sharp results across the frame just like it was meant to be.

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