O.T. What is the best digital camera for......

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Re: O.T. What is the best digital camera for......

Hi Noyo,

noyo wrote:


PhaseOne digital back.


Leica S2.


Canon D4 or Nikon 6D (or was that the other way round ?)


Kurodigi or a Fuji X100.

This is a 'what's in your dream camera bag?'

With the gear above, I don't need a bag. I need a lorry and a driver

I'm not averse to humour so do go ahead but I'd be interested in serious suggestions too.

Frankly, I think you are trying to cover too many bases. I don't know anybody who's good at weddings AND at landscapes. The jokes you tell to the bridegroom's mum don't have any impact on the mountains and lakes: you need different skills for both genres.

Since you're in the Fuji forum, I don't think you can go wrong with the X-Pro or X-E1 with a few lenses to get decent results in most areas. With such a setup, more will depend on your skill than on your equipment.


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