Full frame anybody?

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Sounds like you don't really know what you want

The E-M5 didn't stop being a great camera just because of a cheaper FF DSLR. I have ditched DSLRs because they hinder my ability to hike, paddle a kayak or fly fish with their bulk and weight. Micro 4/3 is a perfect balance of size, weight and excellent image quality.

Image quality (ie more pixels) is totally overrated. I've shot weddings and had photos published in high quality glossy magazines from 5MP Olympus E-1 and 8MP E-300. No editor has ever questioned the image quality - unlike most amateurs or measurbators who frequent these forums.

If the bulk, size, weight of a D600 are acceptable trade-off for the extra image quality, which I would likely say you will probaly never fully exploit, versus a good M43 camera, then go for it.

However, you are not going any going to progress yourself as a photographer if all you do is get undermined in your confidence by the next new camera that arrives.

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