I cannot believe I am asking this.....

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Re: I cannot believe I am asking this.....

Hi Jameas,

jameas wrote:

So here is my dilemma. We (i.e. the family - Mr and Mrs E and girl,15 and boy, 11) are off to Venice for five days in late October.


Frankly, I think I an looking forward to some freedom. And becoming a better photographer.....

In Venice, you should not be going for a photography trip, except if that would be the purpose of the trip. There are some negative reasons (crowds around beautiful spots, photographed to death, tough environment: bright during the day and really dark at night + near/far problems, ...) but let's look at the positive reasons.

I just went to Venice for the first time last month. I have travelled extensively around the world in the past, but I've never seen anything like Venice. It is an amazing place. The light, the dark, the buildings, the water, the sense of space, the alleyways, the squares, it's really unbelievable. From when we got off the plane and got onto the water bus to Venice, it seemed like I settled into another way of life where it pays off to just be open and enjoy. Also, you will be with your family which already grabs part of your attention.

What I did is put photography somewhere last on my activity list. Strolling, enjoying, chatting with my wife, looking for great restaurants, finding out where we ended up, ... I remember one moment, crossing a little bridge, we just stopped for no reason at all and faintly in the distant, we heard somebody playing Satie on the piano. Amazing.

I took my Olympus E-P1 + 17/f2.8 pancake and a Leica Summitar 50/f2. If I would go again and I could pick any gear, I'd probably grab a wide normal again (35-40 equiv), possibly a wider one (21-24mm) and a portrait again, though I'd expect to use the wide normal about 95% of the time. No need to go crazy with extreme wide angles or very long lenses: most shots of church façades turn out to be boring touristy picks anyway and you can find better ones of the same church online. If I would go for a photography trip, I would use the wide/tele much more and bring a tripod. Venice at night is beautiful, but the light is difficult: lights on the canal are subdued, so you need high ISO. At the same time, the contrast is still incredibly high because of the water.

To answer your question, though, I would just get the X100. No DSLR. If you would have more time and you would not have the kids, then it would definitely pay off to pack a DSLR with a wide + tele.


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