Tried the OMD EM5. Won't buy it because ...

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NZ Scott
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Tried the OMD EM5. Won't buy it because ...

Hey kids,

I had my first chance to try the E-M5 during the weekend. I had a good play with it in a camera shop. It was fitted with the 12-50 (which I have tried before and don't really like).

Before using the camera I gained the impression from various posts in this forum that the camera had numerous strengths and a few weaknesses, some of which were ergonomic. After playing with the camera I decided that the ergonomic issues I had heard about weren't such a big deal, but another ergonomic issue that nobody had mentioned bothered me enough that I've decided to skip this particular Olympus offering.

1) I'd read that Oly's decision to place the electronic viewfinder in the top-middle of the camera (instead of top-left like on some rangefinders and Sony mirrorless cameras) was a design conceit aimed at making the E-M5 look symetrical at the expense of making one's nose jam up against the live-view screen. After using the camera, I agree that it is a design conceit and that the viewfinder would be better to the left, but it didn't bother me too much because the viewfinder sticks out the back of the camera far enough to give some space for one's nose (and I've got quite a big honker).

2) I'd read that the shutter release button was poorly position. I didn't think it was too badly placed.

3) I'd read that the on-off switch's position at the bottom right rear of the camera was stupid. I agree that it is stupidly placed, but of course this is hardly a dealbreaker. My old Nikon DSLR had the on-off switch directly under the shutter button, which was perfect.

4) I'd read that the grip is a bit too small, and I agree that it isn't quite right. To an extent, that's something that one just has to accept when buying a little mirrorless camera. I do think that Sony has done a better job with its grips, however.

None of the above things bugged me too much, but what really did annoy me was the way the middle finger of my right hand jammed up against the metal rim of the lens mount. It was uncomfortable enough to be the main feeling/sensation that I had while holding the camera. I've got quite big hands, but I don't have this problem with my E-P3. Frankly I find the E-P3 to be significantly lighter and more comfortable to shoot with.

So, sorry Olympus, but I just aint willing to fork out RM3000 for a camera body that doesn't fit in my hand properly.

If you move the viewfinder to the left, the lens mount to the left (so that my fingers have more space) and beef up your grip (with a bigger battery inside) for the E-M6, I'll be there with bells on.

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