Welcome Canon sx50 HS - And DPreview you are first to break the news !!

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Re: Welcome Canon sx50 HS - And DPreview you are first to break the news !!

3.4-6.5? When Panasonic makes a 25-600 2.8 through the whole range?

I like the FZ200 a lot as a superzoom DSLR replacement (or companion). The thumbwheel is great for ergonomic compatibility, and the EVF resolution is great for ease of composition.

But despite those and many more nice features, (especially the reported AF speed), I can't help feeling that the seductive "2.8 through the range" is gained by driving the sensor very hard rather than the glass. Which is why nasty little pixel peepers like myself never quite feel satisfied with the image quality. I'm not very stealthy, so all my nature shots need cropping, and Panasonic images -- to me -- are superb until you start cropping. Then the quirks of their core engine start to catch my eye.

Canon's images seem to be able to placate my fussy side more easily, but they have a horrible habit of making the cameras just annoying enough (so as not to cannibalise their other camera markets) for me to keep my money in my pocket. So the last non-DSLR Canon I had was the S1, and I'll be waiting for full reviews before making a decision.

I want to be persuaded though.

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