Upgrade: Win 8 or Linux

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Re: Upgrade: Win 8 or Linux

If you are new to linux, you will need good support. Depending on the distro you choose, there is more or less available online.

Ubuntu is the biggest player on the market, and has the best online resources. Mint is a spinoff of Ubuntu, so most Ubuntu tutorials and knowledge articles should help you deal with it.

Notice that Ubuntu comes in an XFCE flavour also, it's called Xubuntu. On old hardware that is my personal choice althought Mint with XFCE desktop will probably act just the same.

Keep in mind that choosing a distro is a choice for a player on the linux market, and not so much a choice of the specific desktop environment or tools that come with these distro's. The first question you will have to answer is 'how much support do I need running Linux'. After that comes 'what kind of environment do I want to run', and after that 'what kind of programs do I want'.

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