OVF vs EVF put to rest

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Re: OVF vs EVF put to rest

Draek wrote:

No, the ACTUAL reality is shown only through a rangefinder. Your SLR's TTL-OVF is---literally---nothing but a mirror trick.

Yep, true, SLR TTL is a (great) mirror trick!

But, no, actual reality is not shown through a rangefinder. A rangefinder is a complex optical device allowing triangular measurement of distance (knowing there also exists other types of rangefinders using laser, sonnar, etc, but outside of this conversation).

Cameras equipped with optical rangefinders usually have an optical viewfinder offering a direct light path from subject to user eye. In fact through a number of lenses to allow precise framing.

"Modern" rangefinder cameras (M3 and later) have a high quality viewfinder that integrates part of the rangefinder mechanism. Older rangefinder cameras use separate eyepieces for the viewfinder (to frame picture) and for the rangefinder itself (to set distance) (Leica III and many others).

You can perfectly well imagine cameras with a rangefinder accessory attached, but no viewfinder at all (Leica I with rangefinder in accessory shoe).

And cameras with direct optical viewfinder, and no rangefinder at all (Minox 35 and hundreds of others).

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