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Piginho wrote:

Also, bear in mind that A99 OVF is 2.4Mp, which means that you can only see 10% of what your sensor will record! When EVF has as much detail as the final image, your argument will hold water

That is a good point, though there is some room between 2.4 MP and 24MP or 36MP. The latter might really be overkill for an EVF application, while the first is indeed not quite enough. There is also progress to be made in signal boosting for low light applications. EVF all too often looks like a '70s TV with bad reception when the light dims. Still, when light is really low, you can make out the details of what is out there, while the OVF will only let you see what your eyes can see, not what the sensor can capture.

Personally , while I have much more pleasure using an OVF, I do understand the promise brought by EVF.

In the current state of technology, good EVFs are really great to shoot video from the viewfinder, or to test effects and settings from the viewfinder. But really really crappy (for me) to use on sunny days, with the sort of corrective shades I need to wear. Had a very hard time using my NEX7 yesterday. It was very frustrating. I assume a A99/77 would be just as annoying for me.

For the rest, kuddos to Sony for pushing the enveloppe and innovating so much in fundamental designs. The A99 has a really yummy spec sheet!

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