Full frame anybody?

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Re: Full frame anybody?

Lots of people waiting for compact FF DSLM, and all indications point to either Sony or Canon to come up with a good one under $2G in the next couple years as the on-sensor PDAF improves. The size and weight of bodies practically doesn't depend on the sensor size, the size and weight of comparable lenses for wide to short tele will be very close for FF, m4/3, and APS, there is only so low you can go without imparing ergonimics. The prices of FF chips will eventually go down. That's why I see FF DSLMs to be an irresistable force wiping m4/3 and APS off of the enthusiast market.

Gavril Margittai wrote:

I am waiting for the full frame ILC cameras. They will be probably smaller than DSLR FF. Just like the Leica but cheaper. This is what I would go for.

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