The topless photos!

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Re: The topless photos!

I'm sorry, Ma'am! "His, or her", "He or she" gets a little tiring after a while! In the immortal words of the old Victorian Interpretation Act, "...and male shall embrace female"!

Me, I don't like the concept of papparazzi, and I'm reminded of the incident in Iraq, when a spanish photo-journalist unfortunately let light glint on his telephoto's lens, and was taken out with a tank shell by a soldier (male, actually, a reserve officer & university lecturer, who now cannot risk leaving the USA, lest he be arrested) who said he feared it was a sniper!

My question, however, wasn't concerned with the ethics of the matter, but with the techniques! This will have been a job for a D800, to allow cropping, but what lens? Nikon offers a 600mm, which I doubt would suffice? The size of the beast is likely, also to attract attention in the neighbourhood of a high value target?

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