Can any compact format fullfill this need really well ??

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Re: Can any compact format fullfill this need really well ??

thesurfguide wrote:

The short version is I am trying to capture low light, non flash, bar life, candids.. Down and dirty in the neon !! So fast primes fairly wide.

I am connected to a bar in Phnom Penh and want to keep producing shots of the bar and staff for facebook / social media etc. Also this type of night low light photography is a niche I really like to see, have always wanted to take, but have always struggled to capture.

I do not know if he will see/respond to this thread but Ray is one of the guys that shoots with multi brands (and shoots extremely well .

You can take a look at his past posts.

How important is speed of posting to Facebook etc? You could checkout any of the newish compacts with wi-fi or even some of the latest 'Smart' mobiles.

Just sort of looking at options

Edit: I've seen some great low light shots with the Fuji X100 but a single lens 35mm just did not work for me. Super quiet shooting .
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