Updated specs on the EOS 6D

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Re: Semi "official" specs

I still think people give Nikon too much credit for their AF, they have plenty of points but they have no cross point on the far right or left, this makes it difficult to shoot in portrait orientation as you are stuck with the slow horizontal only point.

This spec sheet and based off the rumours leads me to believe it will be 11 cross points at F/4 or higher with a double cross point in the centre at F/2.8 or higher. That seems like a pretty good deal to me.

I hope the video mode isn't any worse than the 5dIII, although I suspect it will be because it's not a high FPS shooter which implies the sensor readout wouldn't be as fast as the 5dIII, which was the reason they said it had reduced rolling shutter.

Honestly this seems like more of a 5d III and the 5d III that was released was more like a 4d or 3d since it had pro AF and fast burst shooting.

Still be nice if they would have given us a high MP sensor, 20MP is even lower than the 5dII

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