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Re: Odd coming from them...

Redteg94 wrote:

It was written as if photokina had come and gone a long time ago and that Canon had already shown their hand. In a couple of hours Canon is going to launch their entry-level FF camera and the playing field will be level again, making that essay look a little off-base.

Also, in that essay they stated that the first DSLRs were FF and that APS-C was used later to drop prices. They were online blogging in those early days, what happened to their memory of writing about the D1, EOS D30 and 1D, etc.?

that was exactly the point, the APS-C D30 was the first "Affordable" DSLR at $3000 or so. It succeeded such full frame luminaries as the $26,000 D6000, I think it was.

Actually, I take that back, now that I look at Canon Camera Museum... All of the DSLRs listed all had smaller-than-APS sensors, 10x18, 12x27 or so.
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