The XE-1: same "mistake" as Nikon D700?

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Well, acutally I think Fujifilm is right to put the XE-1 on market

The X-PRO 1 with all its ... is simply too expensive for many, and the hybrid View is not really significantly advantageous, not like the true TTL on a DSLR. In the end, Business as business goes, the D700, is a smart choice for Nikon, placing Nikon firmly in the FF market, else the D3 would have no chance in competing for wider market share vs that of the Canon 5D-2. The XE-1 is pretty much the same for Fujifilm. Despite what the X-PRO 1 is more a brand polisher and a model to shine the light onto the brand and lure people to the X system, business how ever dictate one can only have a viable business if there is a good market share, and customer base, the X-PRO 1 ( as the D3 did ) would not place the Mfr with such luxury, where the D700 did for Nikon, and Fujifilm is sekking the XE-1 to do that for them.

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