Almost ran into this guy in my yard

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Pete Berry Veteran Member • Posts: 3,178
Re: Almost ran into this guy in my yard

kaw209 wrote:

I nearly did the same thing in my yard this weekend!

Pete--they're Spiny Orb Weavers, and although they aren't terribly large (about the size of a nickel, max?), they appear in droves during the fall and build their webs in the most annoying places

Don't know where the OP is located, but I'm in Chas, SC, so maybe they're only found in the southern US? I don't recall seeing these when I was growing up in St. Louis.

edit--took too much time to post, as usual!

I grew up in Atlanta, but spent large parts of the summers in the later '40's - mid '50's at my grandmother's "plantation" on St. Simon's I., GA, right on the Frederica River, and never saw one of those spiny buggers! Had I, it would have probably ended up in my sainted sister's pillow one night for a fine bit of midnight drama!


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