$2750 5d3 is Ebay promotion, not downward price pressure

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Re: $2750 5d3 is Ebay promotion, not downward price pressure

chironNYC wrote:

Maybe, David. I guess we will see. My guess is the 5d3 will be about $3189 by Christmas, but unlikely to be much lower.

Want to make a bet on who is closer to the Christmas Amazon/Adorama/B&H selling price? $2800 or $3189?

Canon has ways of lowering thir price w/o really lowering their price. Get ready for the "instant rebates" and more deals like we just saw.

David Hull wrote:

x-vision wrote:

chironNYC wrote:

Some people have been interpreting the Ebay-sponsored sale price on the 5d3 as a sign of downward price pressure on the 5d3 because of teh 6D and D600. This is completely wrong.

Dear chironNYC,
I'm sorry that you and some others had to pay $3500 for your 5DIII units.

To some of us, it's been crystal clear from day one that this camera is overpriced.
Deals like the ones on eBay just confirm that.

Whatever the explanation, you should realize that the deals from Adorama and Beach Camera (severely) undermine buyer's confidence that the MSRP of $3500 is sustainable - and of course will be even more reluctant to pay it. Take care.

I agree, the $3500 camera is really a $2800 camera if you can buy it for $2800. Now people will be waiting around for the $2800 price. If they could sell it for that once, they can do it again and someone will. People need to think about this: A Drebel has pretty much all the same stuff that a 5DIII has and sells for $1600 (?). Canon is going to announce tomorrow a 6D for $2100. This tells me that they have a boat load of margin built into the 5DIII.

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