Nex 6 vs 5R? And Kit Lens, Replaceable?

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El Matadurr wrote:

kape06111 wrote:

The standard hotshoe on nex 6 is also an advantage. On the other hand when you are shooting with an EVF like in the nex 6, then the touch screen is not useful anymore.

Bingo, exactly why I'm glad the N7/N6 doesn't have one.

I have touch turned off on my Nex-5N now. Tried it for about a week, and it drove me crazy, even with the EVF mounted. If my Nex-7 had a touch screen, it would be turned off, also. The only use I can see for touch focus, is on a tripod, and most people don't use a tripod very often. I'm just hoping that the Nex-6 sensor is as good as the Nex5N. I think the Quick Navi screen will be great also, and eliminate almost all menu diving. My Nex-6 with the new 16-50mm is on order.

Same here. I've ruined a bunch of shots by accidently changing settings while holding the camera. I'm looking to upgrade to the 6 from the 5N and don't think I'll miss the touch screen...much. The 6 ticks off all my wishes in a mirrorless camera.

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