a99 and a77 and what do you get.

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Re: a99 and a77 and what do you get.

Photoviewer wrote:

The a99 is a camera with higher IQ than a77. Really? Time will tell.

Soon a99 excellence images will floating all over the net and many will go for it.

It is fun if create a a77 name list here to write down people's name who swear not to buy a99. Anyone? Then must prepare a list of reasons to explain why go for a99 sooner.


You might need some translation/help here from same, non ESL users like me.

"It is fun to make a list of A77 users , who will post there reasons no to buy A99"

Great, then count me in , my last two A77 bodies sold on eBay for 1K each , just before A99 announcement and now I am regrading that.

That $1300+ upgrade, just getting me: FF, 14 bit and.... no flash trigger, 6FPS and...
RX1 and D600: takes better ISO pics
I am still sitting on two top of the line A mount Z lens and thinking....
Specially, after comparing D600 6400 ISO photos...

Yous posts in A57 area are so "useful" , looks like A77 vs A99: to much for you.
Just my 5 cents, thx.

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