49mm UV filters: refraction city

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Re: 49mm UV filters: refraction city

feijai wrote:

ralph m wrote:

Buy a 49mm lens hood.. and I hope these are not the $ 5.95 variety filters. Good ones are multicoated and will reduce this effect.

These are cheapo indeed, but they're advertised as multicoated.

As to a lens hood (I have two), that sort of defeats the purpose. The whole point of these filters is to let me keep the cap off and still keep me from scratching the lens. A hood would do that too. If I have to put a hood on every time I use the filters, why bother with a filter?

Clear filters add protection and potentially increase flare. Hoods add protection and potentially improve contrast. Hoods on their own is the better choice, IQ-wise.

If you MUST use a clear protector, us a Hoya multicoated at the very least.

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