OVF vs EVF put to rest

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Re: This debate sometimes get a bit odd :)

Grevture wrote:

What fascinate me about this discussion is how black and white it has turned. there seem to be no middle ground allowed ...

There certainly is a middle ground. I own two Sony cameras, one is an OVF and one is an EVF. And there are plenty more like me. I prefer the EVF by a wide margin, but I still use and enjoy my OVF camera. And there are many many other people on this forum that feel like I do. The main problem arises for me when some one who has never owned or never used an EVF comes along and says that EVFs are worthless for panning, tracking moving objects, the slide show effect is worthless, etc. I don't know why they feel that to defend the OVF they must attack the EVF. I also get irritated when someone says that they will never use an OVF again like as if they are poison or something. People here need to stop with the BS, lies and FUD about the viewfinder they don't like. Use what you like and don't worry about trying to convince everyone else they are wrong if they don't use the same type of viewfinder.
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