D600, for me too little, too late for too much

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Good point with the Yen! Re: D600, for me too little, too late for too much

mosswings wrote:

$25,000? Wow, I wish I had that photo budget.

PS: It is a result of 30 years of collecting and preserving a percentage of a value. 25k prorated on 30 years is... $833 per anno! This sounds now suddenly much more reasonable. Trust me, many people who photograph have such value of equipment, they just often do not add up the prices of the stuff lying around.

Recently while walking Na Pali on Kauai I just counted the EOS-5's passing by: I met 4 young guys, 3 Asian, each with a EOS-5 MkI or MKII, and one or two L-lenses, each thus carrying around on a hike a $3000 body and $3000-$4000 value in lenses. I hope this puts a total of $25,000 in perspective.

Consider this: 3 years ago, the A850 sold for $2000 at 100 yen-dollar. Today, the D600 will sell for approximately the same price at 78 yen-dollar. This means that you're getting nearly 30% more content for the same price. ...

Indeed, its a good point which escaped me! We have to consider the currency fluctuation. The declining value of our dollar due to a trillion dollar deficit per year cannot go unnoticed.

... Given the mechanical complexity of DSLRs (as compared to even top-end mirrorless cameras), that's a pretty dang good learning curve reduction in capability. If the D300 were to be introduced today, it would have to be priced at $2500 (it was $1800 in 2007). You need to adjust for exchange rates before deciding that something is overpriced.

Sure thing, I got the point!


Currently, the format that is GROSSLY overpriced is mirrorless. The manufacturing complexity of those products is vastly lower and far more electronic in content. Manufacturers are clearly overcharging relative to the profit margins common for DSLRs.

But as to your general point - yes, we've reached a point of diminishing returns here. Once one has SOMETHING to shoot with in the DSLR category, one doesn't really need to run on the upgrade wheel again for multiple generations.

PS: This is how it used to be in "Film Times." We kept the bodies for a longer time with us. Putting in a new roll of film was comparable to using the "most recent rendering technology." Now the deciding factor is the chip, and the electronics dealing with the noise reduction and data copy stream. And that changes at a very high pace.

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