Upgrade: Win 8 or Linux

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Re: Upgrade: Win 8 or Linux

sjgcit wrote:

At the moment I think Linux Mint offers the least bother for new Linux users.


I venture to say that PCLinuxOS is even less bother than Mint for new users. PCLinuxOS comes in many flavors. Their KDE version has always been a standout and is the one I recommend you try first.


If your hardware is a little light on processing power then try the version using XFCE as a desktop. If not use the Mate version ( bottom and top of that download list respectively ).

The latest KDE versions are very gentle in resource usage and responsiveness. An important factor is the graphics card. If the card is not very capable, just stay away from fancy desktop effects and KDE will do just fine.

Here's a brief article discussing the main contenders in the Linux world.


That article is old. OpenSuse 12.2 is in my opinion the top notch distro at the moment. But, I say try a few and decide. Here is a nice realistic review of OpenSuse 12.2.


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