Dust On Sensor, Behind Glass

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Re: Dust under glass is a manufacturing defect

ProfHankD wrote:

If the dust/dirt/smudge is really in the filter stack, rather than on top of it:

  • The spot must have been there with little/no change from new

  • Obviously, no surface cleaning could alter it (including wet cleaning)

  • This is a defective camera and should be returned to Sony for repair/replace

Dirt in the filter stack is quite rare. Also, I would think you would not be able to see the spot by looking at the sensor. Normally, the stuff you see by looking at the sensor stack is visible because it has height on top of the sensor stack... which something stuck between layers wouldn't have.

How long have you had this camera? Basically, if the spot is in images from day 1, I'd take a very careful magnified look (and/or photo with a different camera) of the sensor and contact Sony.

This spot is most definitely behind the glass. When there is visible dust on the glass filter, you can tilt the camera back and forth in the light and see by perspective change that the spot is beneath the plane of the glass. Whether it's on the rear side of the glass or on the sensor, I'm not sure. I just know it can't be reached.

I've had this camera since January. Could it be possible the piece of dust was in there from the beginning, but off to the side, and only recently was knocked out into the open? It is very large, visible to the naked eye, and apparent at all apertures, just becoming more focused when stopped down.

If there is dust underneath the glass filter, then does that mean it's a manufacturer's defect? I'll have to look into Sony's warranty, but I'm guessing I'm out of luck since I've had the camera over eight months.

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