David Bailey shoots m43

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Re: David Bailey shoots m43

I like his words: "Its about using the people, make them give you something", and one of the most important thing to do is to talk to the people we shoot.

Kuppenbender wrote:

pinnacle wrote:

If he (David Bailey) did indeed make the comment "never used a zoom in his life." (a comment which I would highly doubt he would make), then it goes to show that even respected journalist can hold foolish biases. Those beliefs went the way of the do-do bird as improvments optical technology proved zooms could compete just fine with fixed focal length lenses. But...as I said, I highly doubt a respected photographer would make such a foolish statement.

An old interview (2010) sheds a little more light on Mr Bailey's views on equipment.


Photographers are getting excited about the lenses they can use on these DSLRs for film.

That’s all b#ll#cks. If you’ve got a good zoom, you’ve got all the lenses anyway! It’s true, I only use two lenses: on 35mm I use a 50 or 35, or if I could, a 40, but the only one of those I’ve got is an old Nikon lens; on 120 I just use the normal or something a bit longer.
Cameras have never been a big part of it for you.

No, no, I have favourite cameras: the twin lens Rollei 2.8, the Olympus OM1 and the Leica M7. Those are cameras I like to use, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t make any difference. We just did a big thing for Nokia on their phones and the pictures were good.

Looks like he's found his 40mm (equivalent).

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