No PC Socket on the D600

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Re: Why not wait a while, Marvin?

Kerry Pierce wrote:

Marvin Horlick wrote:

Have you noticed there is no PC socket on the D600?? What is Nikon thinking??

I am a wedding photographer and I shoot the D300 with an off camera TTL cord in the hot shoe and a PC cord going to a pocket wizard to fire a remote flash.

So without a PC socket I cannot use the D600. I know there are some adapters that go into the hot shoe of the camera and have a hot shoe on top and a PC socket on the side. But I cannot use these because of the aforementioned TTL cord in the hotshoe.

If the d600 isn't going to work for you, why not wait a few months to see what else Nikon is going to offer? The wedding/portrait season is pretty much over now, so it shouldn't hurt you to wait to see if there is a d400 coming next spring.

If I've read Thom Hogan's article correctly, he seems to think that Nikon might be playing games with the market segments, perhaps deliberately introducing all of the FX cameras before releasing the d400 and d7100, to try to get those users to move to FX. I tend to agree with that notion. Nikon has only introduced 2 DX cameras in the last 2 years, while introducing 4 FX cameras in the same time period. pffftttt, talk about the tail wagging the dog....

I'm not buying either the d800 nor the d600. Neither will work well for what I want to do, so I'm sitting back, waiting for the d400 to be announced. I don't need a new camera right now, so I'm not going to give in to the buy it because it's there urges.

The d600 seems like an okay camera for general use, but I know that Nikon can do a lot better than that, in both the DX and FX lines. I'm waiting for something better.


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Kerry - Bravo! I agree completely. Yes. I am going to wait to see if Nikon comes up with the D400. Maybe even before next spring.

In the meantime I have 2 D300's. I am just getting nervous because they are getting older so I might even get a Nikon D5100 as a back up for when one of the D300's might go on a job.

Thanks! Marvin

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