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Re: the video advertisement

Karl Scharf wrote:

Kriekira wrote:

Three questions:

1. This is an advertisement. Advertisements are made to persuade. What persuasion is this advertisement pushing? Why was the decision made that this persuasion was necessary?

2. Why was the name "Tru-Finder" selected. What does the foregrounding of "Tru" tell us about the product being advertised?

3. The real question for me. I can see changes in the lightness of light objects caused by ripples in water below the objects in the a900/a850 OVF (e.g.: birds or grasses on a shore). I cannot see that in the a77 EVF. Is there an EVF on the market that delivers anything close to the absolute luminance fidelity of a large, bright OVF such as the ones in the a900/a850?

To address your 'real question': Yes you can see the 'absolute luminance' in your OVF, but there is no sensor, and there probably will never be any medium, that can capture it! So why is that so important to see in the viewfinder? At least, the EVF provides a more realistic view of what the sensor is actually recording, and even lets you see the effects of any adjustments that you make to the image you are trying to capture. If you want to see the 'absolute luminance' of a scene, just look at it with your own eyes.

This is a fallacious response. Just because the medium you record to, be it sensor, film or whatever, cannot record all that you can see, doesn't mean it's not beneficial to see it. Often the goal of the photographer is to capture as well as possible what they see and this has always been a challenge since the dawn of photography. Therefore we all try to develop the skills/techniques that may allow us to do just that. This might include taking multiple images either for HDR or panoramas etc. (techniques that benefit from some of the more positive recent technology developments).

If you can't see it in the viewfinder you miss the opportunity to try and capture it. Also, bear in mind that A99 OVF is 2.4Mp, which means that you can only see 10% of what your sensor will record! When EVF has as much detail as the final image, your argument will hold water and I hope that one day it will come, because then I will want the technology.

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