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Re: Stare

I'm curious, did Karl represent your ex-wife?

4x5 Guy wrote:

I really don't understand why you posted this.

This is a gear forum. What about the Nikon cameras and lenses that are discussed in this forum are you trying to illustrate?

In any case, this is a careless quick snapshot at best. It's as if you saw a potentially interesting snapshot, but gave no real thought to it. You just snapped away and produced a terrible cap of something that might have been interesting

An out of focus background is one thing, but you have two out of focus "backgrounds". The horizontal band at the top of the snap is very distracting and shouldn't be there.

And your composition with the girl and the dog to the left is really poor. You should have made it horizontal and had a much better balance between the larger dog and the girl with her dog.

You boast on and on about how many awards and contests you win. Yet, you demonstrate over and over again that you are not a good photographer at all. You need to take some basic courses in composition. You need to give some real thought to what you are photographing. And stop considering how a given snap reflects upon upon your divorcing clients and their lawyers.

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