OVF vs EVF put to rest

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LOL show me a source that PROVES the sun will come up tomorrow genius? It's called speculation, but its likely. On sensor PDAF is here already, it does the same thing a SLT mirror does (offers PDAF with LV) but without losing light. As soon as it's perfected or at least sped up to match SLT pdaf speeds, there will be NO reason to have an SLT mirror. Sony is developing into a doomed tech and they will either abandon it for full Hybrid AF or get stomped. I guess the exception is if you want to cling to the fail a99 overlapping AF and buy an entire new collection of overpriced sony lenses. Go for it, that would make you look real smart. And you call my post stupid?
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Let me preface this with I am really on the fence on this slt vs slr debate and may end up still changing to another system for a traditional dslr. Having said that I think your statement above is quite premature. On sensor pdaf still seems to have a long way to go. None of the systems work as well as dedicated off sensor pdaf modules especially in low light. They also do cause some light loss since some of the pixels on the sensor are no longer contributing to the image capture. It remains to be seen how significant this is. Slt like most technologies is a temporary solution, but I doubt it will be gone in 5 years.

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