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Re: FF mirrorless

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the only thing that might get me personally away from my investment in Canon at the DSLR/lens level would be a FF NEX with an assortment of excellent lenses.

Sony RX2? Next year perhaps...

Right now the RX1 misses the mark because it's a fixed lens camera.

Right, not even a fix zoom lens!

It may miss the mark for most photographers, but I look through my last 6 months of shooting since I bought a Zeiss 24/1.8 for my NEX-5N (APS-C) and well over 90% are with this lens (i.e., FF focal length of 35mm-ish). So I could keep my 5N for the few shots I shoot at other focal lengths (e.g., fisheye, 55-210) and sell my Zeiss 24 and buy the RX1 for the vast majority of the photos I take. I probably won't when the Nikon D600 is coming it at $700 cheaper to also go full frame, but the RX1 is intriguing for my kind of shooting.

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