A few questions regarding a99 vs. 5dIII

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Re: A few questions regarding a99 vs. 5dIII

HowardinOregon wrote:

2. Can you review your last shot without taking your eye off the EFV and then adjust exposure/focus assuming your finger(s) button memory is proficient? Would this ability avoid or very quickly correct for blown highlights, underexposing in low light or attaining best focus to name a few?

If I understand what you mean here correctly there is no need to work that way with an EVF based camera.

From what you say above it sounds like you want to take the photo, review the shot in the EVF and if it is incorrect in some way take another shot having adjusted the camera settings?

You can do that if you want to but with the EVF you get to see how the photo will look in real time before you take it. It shows the exposure and the effects of the white balance etc. The "shoot and review " method is practised far less with these cameras because what you see is what you get. You really only need to do it for flash photography.

3. If this camera permits the user to fine tune his shots, more or less on the fly, isn't that a major step forward? Reminds me of when I was in the Army during the Vietnam time and we used tracer rounds to correct live fire.

It's the main advantage of the EVF. You can see what dialling in some exposure compensation will do for example. In addition you can set it to show the histogram so not only do you get the image in the EVF reacting to the changes you make you can see how it will affect the histogram.

4. I'm concerned that battery life is severely limited using this EVF vis-a-vis an OVF. One could purchase and use the battery grip, but that adds a substantial bulk to the camera.

Battery drain is higher than a non-evf based camera but I never find it a problem on my A77. Shoot all day on a single battery. Not much reviewing going on mind you because you don't need to! You can also minimise battery drain by applying a few tweaks to the settings.

5. I'm interested in the so called wedding lens trio, 24-70 2.8, 16-35 2.8 and 70-200 2.8 that take advantage of AF-D. Are or will these be avaiable?

Don't know but others seem to suggest they work with af-d.

6. And finally, is this camera's still and video output fully compatable with Adobe CS5 extended as well as Lightroom 4.1?

There is no support in LR 4.1 but I am sure Adobe will support the camera in a later 4.x point release as they do for all new cameras from the major manufacturers.

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