Printed photos too dark - any suggestions?

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Not sure why I can't mention the name of the photo developing firm but I erred on the side of caution.

Yes, well we were thinking of using the same print house again & printing just a few test photos once I've lightened or whatever needs doing. I think we've got too hung up on the expense of it & too into getting enough photos done at a time that the price per print is only a few pence. 5-10 photos at full price should give a very good idea if my adjustments are going to be correct for the remaining 200 or so. (In addition to the over-darkness, & definitely not my fault, about 15-20 photos were stuck together to a greater or lesser degree. We managed to peel some apart without too great a problem apart from a bit of curl in the photo; others were properly ruined. We'd have demanded they be printed again for free normally but with the darkness problem it would become too complicated a transaction.) But yes if my adjustments don't bring forth good enough photos we will go to the only other place in town, which isn't a photo place as such but more of a sideline to their normal business. Heh, funny not actually naming names eh?!

I've no doubt some of the blame must lie at my door although 'blame' is an odd word. It's perhaps more of an unwitting miscommunication between me & my laptop & them & their machines. which will hopefully be cleared up once we learn each other's language. (Oh dear, sorry, that sounds a bit rubbish!)

V. interesting re the website & the test cards, have to check that out


Thanks. Hmmm if that is possible re the print house sending me their colour profile that would be great - well, if Lightroom or Gimp or whatever can work with that colour profile! But yes a lab's colour profile should be common knowledge. I don't know how it would work but presumably the lab says this is the profile, you key that in to yr PC & once you've finished editing it then tells you what yr prints will look like. That would take the guesswork out of using third party developers to print your pictures. Glad my pics didn't look too bad on your monitor. My hunch was that it wasn't just a matter of brightness of screen but something else - the lab adding contrast or darkening the midtones or whatever


Some of the photos may well be off in terms of colour balance, partly the camera, partly my attempts to sort that balance out.

Still not understanding this sRGB thing.



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