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Re: Some issues to check

As suggested, reduce to the minimum the amount of variables in your testing:

  • If you can do it without wind at all, that's much better.

  • Try to get a fairly fast Shutter Speed, like 1/250 or, even better, 1/500.

  • Turn off VR.

  • AF-S, Focus Priority.

  • Nikon's approach to sharpening and processing is VERY hands off, so pictures tend to look a bit soft after demosaicing. The higher the resolution, the more noticeable it is at the pixel level, so the D5100 set to Standard tends to look a tad softer than the D40. You can kick sharpening up a few notches, if you feel like it.

Using your D5100, take a reference shot using the same SS, ISO and Aperture in LiveView/CDAF. It should have perfect, tack sharp, focus. If not, something else is the problem.

Take a group of 3 or so shots. PDAF is prone to some small variability. Get the one you think has the best focus and compare to the reference shot. They should be very close.

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