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Re: Want to upgrade but won't

Digirame wrote:

Yes, it was taken hand-held at the Oregon Zoo. I was sitting on a bench and I was able to keep very still. I have quite a bit of experience taking pictures at slow shutter speeds of wildlife with my Olympus Zuiko 70-300mm lens, so when I tried it with this Canon lens, I was also able to do it.

Here's another one when I opened the aperture a little more, for a slightly increased shutter speed. Since I was so close to the bird, I stopped the lens down (at F10 and F11) so I would have more depth of field. I've been using the Canon T2i (550D) cameras (I have two of them) with the kit lenses since December. I find that ISO1600 is very usable.

Canon T2i (550D), 55-250mm IS lens, ISO1600, F10, 1/20, 250mm FL

Handheld?! I'm floored. I can't do anything close to that. I guess I need to work on my technique... a lot! Thanks for posting. I agree that 1600 works well.

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