I cannot believe I am asking this.....

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Re: I cannot believe I am asking this.....

MrFlash wrote:

The guy who insists that you take a NEX and a superzoom - hee, hee. Like you are going to travel all the way to Italy just to return home with a bunch of fuzzy pictures.

I say just take the x100. The ability to travel without lugging around the big bag is liberating. I doubt you will miss many, if any shots.

I bought an x100 and then the XP1 with the three lenses, but I still have my 5DII and 'L' zooms. Most of my photos are travel related. I haven't taken the Canon bag out of the closet in a couple of months. I'm considering selling the lot.

If the choice was only between an X100 and a 5D, I'd go with the X100 without question. However, there are other choices. I'm looking to replace my trusty Lumix LX5 with either a NEX-6 or an X-E1, either of which will be vastly better in terms of IQ and versatility, though not size. However, I want the smallest and most flexible setup I can get. It will come down to the Sony with the new 16-50 pancake, or the Fuji with the 18mm prime...although the 23mm or 27mm primes coming next year would be better, as would the 10-24mm zoom. It'll come down to handling both cameras and seeing how the lenses turn out in terms of quality. It'll be a tough tradeoff if the Fuji has better IQ and handling, but can't be so easily carried, or the Sony is great in terms of portability but is lacking in other areas. I guess I'll be waiting until November to find out.

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