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Pre-OMD sensor ~ IQ of my D200 - not good enough

I'm not a high ISO fetishist, but I do really enjoy available light shooting and given current new sensor performance at different price points, I seek good high ISO performance and great shadow detail/low shadow noise in my upcoming camera body "upgrade(s)" (my D200 and my buddy's E-PL1 fall down mightily on this front, even with high DR shadows at base ISO, pity).

Right now, raw conversion issues aside (I am not a Light Room user), Fuji's aa-filter-free X-Pro 1 and and X-E1 sensor with it's non-Bayer mosaic looks like the bees knees to me for APS-C sensors, and their lens lineup and "fewer, higher quality lenses" roadmap mirrors my shooting style and overall preferences (I'm a Leica shooter and prefer this strategy of just releasing mostly stellar lenses and skipping a useless churn of mediocre lenses and ever more consumer zooms).

And yes, as a Nikonian, I'm looking at the FF D600 (once field tested) in addition to being in the market for a new "all-day carry around" mirrorless system.

Eagerly awaiting upcoming field tests and lab test results on many camera bodies and their sensors. A good time to be in the camera body market

"Photography is not about the thing photographed. It is about how that thing looks photographed." - Garry Winogrand

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