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Re: the video advertisement

Kriekira wrote:

Three questions:

1. This is an advertisement. Advertisements are made to persuade. What persuasion is this advertisement pushing? Why was the decision made that this persuasion was necessary?

What a strange question. Manufacturers of just about anything will extol in their advertising what they claim to be the superiority of their new technology over the competition whether they are building cameras, cars, washing machines, TV's - you name it.

2. Why was the name "Tru-Finder" selected. What does the foregrounding of "Tru" tell us about the product being advertised?

Probably for the same reason Fuji (for example) use the term "x-trans CMOS sensor" in their blurb about the X1 Pro - to try and convey something about the products capabilities. I think it goes by the term "marketing".

It isn't as you are implying with the points above down to some sort of inferiority complex over the technology. They are trying to sell their cameras by extolling the virtues of the EVF and while you won't believe them plenty will and will buy the cameras.

3. The real question for me. I can see changes in the lightness of light objects caused by ripples in water below the objects in the a900/a850 OVF (e.g.: birds or grasses on a shore). I cannot see that in the a77 EVF. Is there an EVF on the market that delivers anything close to the absolute luminance fidelity of a large, bright OVF such as the ones in the a900/a850?

But because you are using an OVF you have no idea how these subtle nuances of light will render in the final image. That will be determined by many factors such as exposure, white balance and so on. You will only find out how the picture turned out after the event.

For this reason the fact you can see "changes in the lightness of light objects caused by ripples in water ..." is pretty irrelevant because it is not necessarily what the sensor will record.

Manufactures have made efforts to improve OVF's to make using them easier to use i.e. easier to focus and frame your subject and easier to use in dim light. That is what the job of an OVF is. It can't do anything else so if someone invented an OVF with the most perfect colour fidelity and one that was super-efficient in transmitting light all it would mean is it would be easier to focus and frame your subject. The image might look great through this fantastic OVF but it won't bare much relation to what gets recorded by the sensor.

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