List of mirrorless cameras which are a great value!

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Re: List of mirrorless cameras which are a great value!

MOHO wrote:
Ever tried one ?😳

The Skipper wrote:

I would not pay $1 for a camera with that old 12mp sensor, unless it is to flip for a quick profit.

I had the E-PL2 which has the same aged sensor. I would not pay $1 for that camera today either. I ended up giving it to my 11 year old nephew last week.

I was not impressed with the E-PL2, and I had posted a lengthy review about it. I will try to find the link to it.

To illustrate how terrible that sensor is, my RX100 has a 3-stop advantage over it at high-ISO low-light situations (ie. ISO 800 photos from it looks the same as ISO 6,400 from the RX100). Keep in mind that the RX100 has a sensor half the size!

Here is a link if you want to check comparison photos:

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