I cannot believe I am asking this.....

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Re: I cannot believe I am asking this.....

Since you've already broached anathema by bringing up a Sony product in a Fuji forum, I'll just add that the 16-50 may be a significantly better travel lens paired with a NEX than the 18-200, if only because it's a pancake and can be carried in pocket with a NEX (and may be smaller/lighter than an X100). And the 2mm difference at the wide end can make quite a difference on European streets and alleys.

It has been very rare for me to need/want a tele lens when I've been traveling, but then I travel light. If I were to take a 16-50 and wanted to be fully covered, I suppose I'd schlep along the 55-210. But I doubt I'd often, if ever, use it.

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