Better camera packaging & shipping - B&H or Amazon?

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Tom Hoots
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B&H, ten million times over.

LogCabin wrote:

Who has the better camera packaging and shipping, B&H or Amazon?

I will buy somewhere other than Amazon if I possibly can. Between them and their "shipping partner" UPS, I have had several disappointments.

Yes, their packaging has been getting worse, every year. I would call most of my recent purchases from them "inadequately packaged."

Then, I just HATE UPS. HATE HATE HATE HATE. I have received shipments AFTER 9:00 PM!! Good freaking grief!!! I have seen packages SIT ALL WEEKEND at a hub an hour away from me, even though they arrived in the wee hours of Friday morning, and could have easily made it that one-hour trip down the freeway to me.

And then there was crap like when I ordered Next Day Air on a Saturday, and Amazon "shipped" it on Sunday, using Second Day Delivery. It'll get there on Tuesday just fine, right? Nope, that was one where UPS let it sit at the hub all day, because it was "Second Day Delivery."

Meanwhile, "there is competition." The FedEx driver almost ALWAYS delivers during the lunch hour, presumably because I've always been there in the past. If I can find anyone who ships via FedEx instead of UPS, I know I can just go home for lunch and be there for the delivery. That's important for a single guy like me. And my experience has ALWAYS been that, if FedEx can get it to me faster than scheduled, they'll do it. As opposed to UPS, which will let my package sit and rot.

So, B&H lets you choose the delivery method. If you want horrible, crappy, awful service, you can go ahead and choose UPS. Or, as I always do, you can choose FedEX. Amazon gives you NO such choice.

Though, again, being a single guy, B&H gives me another alternative that I almost always use: USPS Priority Mail. I happen to have one of those "community mailboxes," with several mailboxes all at one location, and it has a couple of really quite large locking package boxes. I live on the west coast here in Oregon, and USPS Priority Mail will have the package in one of those lock boxes three days later, safe and securely waiting for me when I get home that night. So, I'll often order over a weekend, B&H will ship Monday morning, and I'll have the package on Wednesday.

Absolutely PERFECT.

And I've never had any problems with B&H's packaging -- it has always been more than protective enough to get the job done well.

So, if I can buy something at either B&H or Amazon, it'll be B&H all the time, BECAUSE of their shipping policies and packaging qualities.

Tom Hoots

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