OVF vs EVF put to rest

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Re: OVF vs EVF put to rest

seilerbird666 wrote:

My photos:

LOL show me a source that PROVES the sun will come up tomorrow genius? It's called speculation, but its likely. And you call my post stupid?

I am sorry I called your post stupid. I should have called it extremely stupid. You stated the SLT is a dying technology like as if it was a fact. But it is not a fact, it is your speculation. You have absolutely no facts to back up your argument other that the sun might not come up tomorrow. Just because you choose to embrace the past and refuse (or can't afford) to come into the 21st century does not make SLT a dying technology.

What makes you think it's a financial matter? I have an SLT and I'm buying the best camera pentax offers next. Why pentax? I insist on weather sealing. I insist on a pentaprism. I much prefer primes. If I stay with sony, what are my options (2 weather sealed bodies)? A77 or a99. I'm not getting ripped off and forced to buy all new lenses because maybe mine don't work with the a99's new AF-D, and if I'm paying for AF-D I expect to use it. That leaves the a77, which has an EVF and poor iso performance. So much for sony.

That leaves canikon. Any canikon body with a prism and WS will pale in comparison to the K5II-s (no AA filter, yummy) and most will cost more to boot. I could buy FF if I wanted, but I'm not going to spend that to buy into a new system (FF body plus FF lenses). Maybe you jump into a new system but I won't. $1300 isn't much of a risk (compared to several thousand for FF plus lenses), and if I don't like it I can give it to the wife and go elsewhere. If I love the K5 as I expect, I will also have an upgrade path for the near future, whether K3 apsc or unknown FF.

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