I cannot believe I am asking this.....

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Re: I cannot believe I am asking this.....

Using a fixed lens does not make everyone a "better photographer", especially if you only have one - "zooming with your feet" in Venice will likely result in drowning. You could always take a few primes, but this normally ends up heavier than the zoom.

I've "done" Venice twice and walked the entire island both times. Both times I took a zoom and a prime or two, and only used the primes a few times out of guilt. I think only one of the "good" shots was a prime one. I used the zoom's entire focal length range on an hourly basis, but stopping in Venice to change lenses in a busy area is not easy.

Bear in mind that flash and tripods are not allowed in many buildings, esp. churches (where flash is not a lot of use anyway) so good ISO and IS will be more useful. Also the streets and canals are sometimes very narrow (24mm is a lot wider than 35mm) and sometimes you get a "grand vista" and want something longer. Similarly, a lot of the interested stuff on the canals needs a short tele. With wife and kids in tow I doubt you'll have time to change lenses or "reposition" endlessly (especially if shooting from a boat) so convenience wins in this case.

Not sure I'd bother with the 50 either, you have that covered, and I would not bother with a tripod. What I might do is take a gorillapod and the X100 instead (has to weigh less, right?) for doing some long-exposure night scenes, and so you can do a bit of quiet street photography without looking like a tourist and do the family shots in the restaurant with the built-in flash.

Note, I do like primes but I normally do the trad PJ thing of having two cameras, one with a wide normal, and one with a short tele. However, zooms are fine too. These days the IQ is pretty good, even if you can't get the same background blur, but then you don't get much with an X100, so....

jameas wrote:

I always cringe when I see members post questions like "what lens should I take to wherever I'm going.....". I cannot help thinking that surely (if the individual has a number of lenses to choose from) they would have a good idea what they should take given their traveling conditions - a decision that must be taken every time they leave the house/caravan/motorhome/house boat etc..

I cannot believe that any city/town/place would command "such and such lens" in order to reach the photographic nirvana to be so desired.

So here is my dilemma. We (i.e. the family - Mr and Mrs E and girl,15 and boy, 11) are off to Venice for five days in late October. Should I (as I would usually do) take my 5DII and (lens selection made on the basis on low payload) the 24-105 (general use) and Sigma 50mm 1.4 (evening, low light - and lighter lens) - I can feel myself running away with my self here - or...........

Just take the X100.

And just for maximum creativity, (just one) speedlite (430EXII over the 580EXII), ND2-400 filter, Yongnuo RF-600TX/RF-602RX wireless transmitter/receiver and a light tripod.

I know. I can hear you all say it. 35mm lens.

"It will make you a better photographer" versus "but you will need to zoom and change lenses"

Frankly, I think I an looking forward to some freedom. And becoming a better photographer.....

Be kind.

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