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Comment on a new GXR body

casaubon wrote:

Ricoh's lens and mount units are in fine shape and don't need a bump to 24MP. (Better high ISO - i.e. numbers that can even be set higher than 3200 - would be nice.) But so far, the sluggish body is aging more quickly than the modules. If they would update the body (for the first time) to something that performs up to current standards, that would help validate the system concept as something more than a safety razor with expensive cartridges.

Maybe I am missing something about the GXR body. I would appreciate some reasoning.

I have no doubt that the shot to shot storage buffer is very slow, well below professional standards for repetitive captures. This surely needs an upgrade.

The lcd is high resolution and these screens were almost pioneered by Ricoh as far back as the R8. The controls are pretty well laid out. Focus response is more probably a factor of the module fitted. The dual light window in the body for Ricoh's phase detect focus would be useful in the GXR body.

Ricoh has snap focus facilities that have to be as quick as can be possible if speed is of the essence.

Ricoh's control layout on the GXR is very intuitive and the shortcuts very welcome. Once learned you can set up your camera almost any which way that suits the user. I would hope that this evolved system is not fiddled with as an "upgrade".

I am using a Sandisk 95Mb/s Extreme Pro Class 10 sd card. Recording captures is very fast. If speed of recording is an issue then a very fast sd card is an upgrade anyone can personally do without resorting to a new body from Ricoh.

I may have missed something but the only things that perhaps might help - is a fast shot to shot buffer, a phase detect focus window, and a built in evf. If the evf were made into a slimline fixed clip on unit then even that would not need a new body.

Some of the other "sluggishness" might be sourced home to the module unit itself or consumables such as the sd card.

I am genuinely interested - what have I missed or where am I wrong?

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