Updated specs on the EOS 6D

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Re: Updated specs on the EOS 6D

oscarvdvelde wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

I don't need and don't want to pull shadow 4-5 stops so it's not that critical to me.

In a correctly exposed shot you would rarely need to lift shadows,

That's point. Canon metering generally is pretty accurate even in old model such as 5Dc. Or as Hans Kruse suggested to take exposure bracketing and select the best one. His photos also explain why many prefer Canon colors.

but look at it from the other side. You may wish to recover blown highlights. If the camera offers you 4-5 stops cleaner shadows you can underexpose to save the highlights and pull the whole image back to what it should look like, without getting much noise.

True. If you frequently need to rescue under-exposed photos or frequently want to expose on highlight then pull the shadow 4-5 stops. Nikon/Sony cameras are your choice. But extreme shadow pulling is not my taste that looks surreal with shadow area under equivalent ISO 1600/3200 IQ after 4-5 stop lifting.

I can do moderate lifting if necessary. This photos is from 5D2 in my recent Vancouver/Alaska trip. It is correctly exposed. I forgot to bring GND filter in my trip but I don't want a blowout sky so I intentionally exposed on sky a bit. I moved shadow bar to 100% (plus +1/3 EC) in LR4 and I am satisfied with result under my taste. Sure I can see a bit of banding in very dark surface at 100% cropped size. But I will not see it if I print or at my 24" monitor

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