Do you spend more time researching next upgrade or actually take photos and editing ?

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Re: Do you spend more time researching next upgrade or actually take photos and editi

happysnapper64 wrote:

At 62yrs I am a novice of only 1 yrs photographic "experience". Bought my first camera in Nov last year, [600D/T3i] & joined DPR in Feb 2012. As I had zero experience of cameras of any kind [except camcorders that is] I probably asked more questions than most, & one of my many failings is that I am a self confessed gearhead, & do get caught up with "what camera/lens should I buy next". I am fortunate enough to be able to afford these things, but feel the hunt for "better" gear has robbed me of time that I should have spent learning how to use what I had. I am now hoping the next 12 months will be more fruitful than the last 12.
lee uk.
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Great to see somebody posting a very honest account of their experiences, Lee. I'm sure your story is more common than people may think but folks don't come back to tell it.

I do remember buying my D200 some years ago. I learnt to use a 35mm SLR in the '70s. I did a lot of researching and some agonising over my first dSLR. Finally decided, got it and went for a walk with it. Eventually I realised that I'd been sucked in to something. It was just a camera! What a lot of fuss over a camera .

So when people do the this vs. that and what camera should I buy because I'm slowly going crazy over the decision, I just feel like shouting at them at times... Shut up and go get yourself a camera . It's just a camera ! You only get out of it what you put in. It doesn't take good pictures, you do.

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