High ISO of 5D3 vs D600 (no test images)

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Re: High ISO of 5D3 vs D600 (no test images)

MajStriker wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

MajStriker wrote:

Well wait a minute here. First, as you mentioned we do not have any test images.

we do, there are plenty of D600 high iso images around, it looks a stop or so better than D700.

At the time I posted my comment, there was not.

there were plenty of images around before I posted the thread.

just look at D800's iso 6400 + 2 stop vs 5D3 iso 25600. 5D3 has no advantage.

Actually it has a pretty significant advantage over the D800 at ISO 25,600. I'm referring to the JPG as per my other comments in this thread.

the original post of this thread made it quite clear OOC jpeg is not the concern. 5D3 simply has very aggressive jpeg NR.

If you can't see it then...perhaps you would be satisfied with any camera...

pointless little nasty jab?

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