How about a truly pocketable EVIL Nano 4/3rds?

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Scott McL
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"Barnack" camera goals live on - great response

Small format photography got kicked off (not truly "invented", but vastly refined and popularized) with the design of a pretty tiny, interchangeable lens camera body soon featuring the first in a line of stellar optics, including a collapsible lens for a "pocketable" shooting package.

The potential for realizing the original "Barnack Leica's" photographic and design goals beyond the wildest dreams of the 20th century is greater than ever with already stellar lens designs and rapidly advancing digital (sensor, etc.) technology. Who know if there will be a single "magic sauce" or a variety of contributing technologies coalescing "just right." For example, larger sensor microlens technologies (as on the Leica M9) allow for smaller, non-retrofocus very high quality optics. So the sensor of such a camera could technically be a larger 4/3 sensor in lieu of a 1" sensor - who knows? Even the ergonomics of camera controls for very small "nano" bodies is still in a very early stage of design evolution and might even converge on some core "just right" highly responsive configuration that becomes a new tried and true convention (we can dream).

As camera phones take over larger and larger chunks of the vast P&S camera market and given the conservative design principles for DSLRs (not a bad thing at all), I think we'll see ever more focus on innovation and competition in the middle market for higher quality "small" interchangeable lens camera systems (and very high quality fixed lens - prime and zoom - solutions, as well). I've rarely met a photography pro or enthusiast (maybe excepting the "nearly useless do to huge hands" or "I often shoot-with-gloves-on" types) who - even in addition to a larger rig - didn't want superb quality photographic tools they could easily slip into a pocket or two. As a Leica film shooter who always wished the M bodies were smaller, I drool when I think of the future possibilities....

"Photography is not about the thing photographed. It is about how that thing looks photographed." - Garry Winogrand

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